The Times today (Thursday 19 February) prints this report from Lucy Fisher, Senior Political Correspondent

Lambeth Momentum leak suggests takeover bid In Lambeth Labour movement

Momentum, the hard-left network of Corbynistas, wants to replace Labour party branches, according to a leaked proposal raised by a leading local group.

Last week the steering committee of Lambeth Momentum, which has been among the most militant branches of the controversial group, denounced the area’s Labour party as ineffective.

In an email to members before a meeting last night it suggested that Momentum should become a “replacement space” for political activism. The revelation is likely to foment fears among moderate Labour MPs that Momentum is plotting an insurgent far-left takeover of Labour, in echoes of Militant Tendency in the 1980s. Momentum has repeatedly denied the charge.

The leaked missive from the working group of six people, intended to update the local membership on what the branch’s working group had done since its last meeting, said: “We note that there was some disagreement about passing resolutions at the meetings.

“Some felt this was an effective way to encourage political discussion, others felt it was a redundant process suited better to party politics. However we all agreed that LP [Labour party] branches aren’t effective political spaces any more and Momentum must be the replacement space until the LP is politicised.”

A spokesman for Momentum said: “Momentum does not wish to replace Labour but strengthen it by making it a more participatory, democratic and campaigning party.”


It was news to me that the Lambeth Labour Party was not, as the Momentum comrades say, adequately “politicised”. So If I was a Labour party local councillor or MP, I would be watching my back even more than usual these days.


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