HereFawnbrake parking tix‘s a timely and useful post from our neighbour David Williams.





The many Fawnbrake residents caught out by Lambeth’s dawn parking ticket raids during the (otherwise very welcome) pavement works, might like to know that Councillor Jim Dickson is trying to help.

I was one of the first to receive a £130 fine when all the spaces outside our house were full, and I parked farther down the road. On a direct route back to my house I carefully noted signs warning that parking would be suspended the following week. Sadly, none of them pointed out that the bit I’d parked in was also suspended…

I challenged the ticket via Lambeth’s online system (as advised on the ticket) but they’re basically saying ‘tough’ – maintaining that the signage was ‘sufficient and adequate’, meeting ‘statutory requirements’.

However Councillor Jim Dickson is looking into this on residents’ behalf, and challenging the council’s assertion that they got it right. Lambeth is looking into individual tickets again and we await the outcome.

I’ve written, again, pointing out that some of the signs are contradictory, unclear, too low down to the ground (therefore obscured by cars/wheelie bins if you walk along the road, not the dodgy, uneven pavements) etc.. Some signs even referred not to pavement works at all, but, mistakenly, to ‘tree surgery’; plain incorrect. Even now, the pavement-layers are working outside sections that are, according to one sign, meant to be suspended.

In the meantime – while also, obviously responding officially to your parking ticket within the time limit – please contact Jim to let him know your concerns; we have only limited time to do this.

He is contactable on

David Williams


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