We’ve heard that last week a neighbour’s son was attacked by a group of balaclava-wearing young men inside the main entrance of Brockwell Park. They hit him over the head from behind but didn’t steal anything. It was around 7pm. The gang was spotted elsewhere in Herne Hill the same evening.

Please be alert, and contact the police if you encounter or suspect problems of this sort.



A neighbour has reported what may be a door-to-door scam, so please be on your guard.

A very friendly young black man has been calling on doors in Fawnbrake Avenue.  He introduces himself as from the Football Club in Brockwell Park. He had a clipboard in his hand. On introducing himself by his first name he offers a handshake. His initial pitch is to ask if there are any kids in the house who are interested in football. If you bite he asks for money. He is very plausible. Several residents have been stung. If you show no interest he does not hang about.

We have checked with Ann Kingsbury (ex-Lambeth Councillor) now with the Brockwell Park Trust and she checked with the St Matthew’s Football club who use the park. They state by email that they have no knowledge of this gentleman and it is not the sort of thing a reputable club would do. They suspect a scam.

How safe is Fawnbrake?

A parent thinking of moving here has posed the following question.

“We are thinking of moving to the area, in particular Fawnbrake, and I wanted to find out more about the feel and safety of the area.
“We have an 11-year old son who will be going to a local secondary school and I wondered how safe it is for him to walk to school or get the train or bus.  I have seen the ASB stuff in Lowden Road, but I am unsure what this is who how bad it is….is there anyone that can help me with this?”

Generally I believe Fawnbrake Avenue is pretty safe. The approach roads (Poplar Walk, Kestrel, Milkwood) are also safe almost all the time, though they can be a bit lonely at certain times. The rare incidents I have heard about involve teenagers being mugged for their mobile phones, so discretion is perhaps the best policy.

Any comments?