It has come to light that the parking meters in the ‘existing’ CPZ are playing funny tricks on visitors who try to buy a parking ticket for the two hours 12:00 – 14:00. Nominally @ £3 per hour = £6.

Ah but there’s a trick:

You can either ….

Pay £6 at mid-day and only get a printed ticket showing an hours’ worth of parking.Requiring another visit and another £3 to avoid a ticket.

Or you can …

Pay £3 at mid-day and get an hour of parking requiring a return visit an hour later to pay a further £3 for the next hour.

Crazy nonsense. The sort of thing you’d expect in a third-world country … or Lambeth, of course.

Truly, we are ruled by idiots and scoundrels.



  1. My understanding was that the meters were supposed to only accept pay by the hour, i.e. a revisit is required to keep away non-local visitors leaving their vehicles across the duration and more. That the meters accept £6 therefore is nothing short of deception.

  2. Indeed. Several residents have complained to the Traffic Department about this. I will post the officers’ reply when it comes.

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