We are told that it will start for real on 14 April. Hard to believe: with just 9 working days to go, there’s a lot to be done here on the ground to put everything in place. Nevertheless, I have bought my permit. I am a trusting soul, yes?


Buying the permit is a slightly odd experience. It almost works as it should!


But not quite. If you apply on-line (as I imagine most of us will do: the thought of queuing up at a customer service centre is tantamount to a death wish…), it’s advisable to register first.


Then as you proceed through the successive screens you are met with a map showing the bit of the overall Herne Hill CPZ you think you are applying for, as indicated by your address and postcode. However, it’s the WRONG MAP,  it shows a different part of the whole Herne Hill CPZ zone.


But … IGNORE THIS, and proceed as if it were correct. That’s what I was told by a helpful guy at the town hall, and it seems to have worked. IGNORE THE MAP.

Finally you pay and can download a temporary permit. (They know the system shows the wrong map; they are trying to fix this…. Amazon it’s not….)

Separately I had to scan and upload some identity proof documents: tiresome, but straightforward. I did this a day later. In due course the permit will arrive in the post, they say.

I thought I would share this by way of encouragement. Feel free to blame Lambeth, not me,  however, if implementation is delayed.


UPDATE Sunday 6 April:

The white lines are going down.  No signage up yet, nor meters.  People’s cross-over access being absurdly over-protected, with yellow lines extending beyond their properties’ frontage and into their neighbours’ (see picture).

Yellow line protecting cross-over invades neighbours' frontage & eats up usable parking space.
Yellow line protecting cross-over invades neighbours’ frontage & eats up usable parking space.

2 thoughts on “SO IS THE CPZ NEARLY HERE?

  1. Hi Pat.
    I wasn’t asked for ID and the permit turned up, promptly. I am still amazed. My first few attempts to buy the permit wasnt so easy, it would only let me buy visitors permits, but you cant have visitors permits without a residents one, so I was caught in a loop. They fixed it and I got through.

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