The Friends of the Carnegie Library now have an elegant and content-rich new website which is well worth a look.

Apart from news postings on the home page, the two main information pages are Events (includes regular events and clubs) and
Services (includes catalogue, online book renewal/reservation etc.)
You can also search the Lambeth Libraries catalogue.


Consider joining the Fawnbrake Avenue lending and borrowing circle on Ecomodo, which many residents may already have heard about.

Ecomodo explain it like this:

Already a few neighbours have joined and added some items they are willing to share including a chocolate fountain, ladder, travel cot and bike. As well as household objects you can add your skills (such as gardening advice, guitar lessons, computer repair or help with IT) and spaces too (such a bedroom, a space for storage or even a beach hut – though obviously this may not be local).

Ecomodo is a social enterprise and their aim is to bring neighbours together, to help each other out and make visible the things that people are willing to share in one place.

Their website lets you to list your items to lend and see what others have on offer. Items can be lent for free or as a lender you are able to charge for an item, and choose if you want to keep the fee or make a donation to charity. And if you need to borrow something that isn’t yet listed you can post a wanted ad.

By borrowing the things you only occasionally need, as opposed to buying new, is not only a simple way to save money but it’s better for the environment. It’s an amazing fact – that the average drill is used for only 12 minutes in its lifetime. The total lifecycle impact from the collection of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution, to disposal is unacceptable when the purchaser was probably within a few metres of an idle drill in a neighbour’s shed.

If you’re not sure what to lend or borrow – sign up – to keep an eye on new items or wanted ads added in our neighbourhood. And for a bit of inspiration browse all items to borrow to see what others are lending around the UK.

More information:

About ecomodo
Lending with confidence
How ecomodo works

You might want to share experiences here about how it works out for you.


The Friend’s inaugural Ruskin Views calendar for 2011 is now available. With a range of pictures taken by local people this makes a stunning gift or personal purchase at only £5 plus p&p.

They will arrange, where possible, collection or local hand delivery before charging postage.

Postage rates are below.

Ruskin Views Calendar 2011












To place your order please email stating:

Your name

Delivery/postal address

Quantity required

State collection, local delivery or postage

Total cost @ only £5 each + p&p. Payment upon collection or delivery.

Postal copies – payment in advance to 16 Finsen Road, London SE5 9AX making cheques payable to the Friends of Ruskin Park. Please allow sufficient time for postage before Christmas. Last day for first class is 21 December.

Postage Rates

1 copy £1

2 copies £1.40

3 copies £1.90 (maximum weight allowed in one envelope by Royal Mail)

4+ copies – multiples of above in 2 envelopes.

Ruskin Park Views Calendar 2011 preview